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Elopement Emails

  • Go to this page
  • You'll see a list of U.S. States. Click on "California" for the first state, then
  • Scroll down to where you see advertisements for elopement packages. Most of these ads have email addresses, some do not. Take the ones that have email addresses (just like you did with the Craigslist emailing you did for me last week) and send each advertiser an email from the same Gmail account you used last week (I left last week's instructions up, so just click here to get the login information).
  • This time, you'll need to type this into each subject line before you send out emails (the text in bold): List Your Elopement Packages Free of Charge on Elopement.co! (or just copy and paste this text into each subject line before you send the email).
  • I sent a test email to myself, click the "Sent" folder to view the test email so that you can check out the subject line.
  • After you finish California, then email all the advertisers on the same site that are in these states: Texas, Florida, and New York.
  • There is probably about 50-100 email addresses for these four states. I'll pay $15 for around 75 emails sent. If there are more, just stop at 75 emails.
  • Let me know if you have questions via Freelancer. Thank you!
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